Oak Tree Wand

Created from a wind-fallen oak branch, this wand has a special clear quartz crystal at its tip. The crystal is etched on the reverse, with natural ‘cuneiform’ type markings inscribed upon it. It is believed that used in meditation, etched crystals can assist in accessing ancient wisdom and past lives as well as being useful in reawakening inherent skills and healing abilities.

The oak wood used to create this wand has been gently sanded by hand to a smooth finish, while still retaining the natural contours of the wood. It was felt intuitively that it was best to leave the wood with a degree of ruggedness.

This one-off Oak Wood Wand has a powerful connection with the masculine divine and as such may be particularly suited for magickal work in which His qualities would be of assistance.

It would, of course, be a wonderful wand for a male owner – but perhaps too for the female who wishes to strengthen her connection with male deity.  something which often does not come so naturally when working across gender.

This incredible wand is embellished with painstakingly hand-crafted miniature oak leaves and tiny acorns – which have been carefully finished in natural, shimmering tones.

The body of the wand has also been set with three crystals along its length: clear quartz, green tiger eye and moss agate.

These crystals were carefully selected for their appropriate energy – the feeling of their affinity with leafy, mossy forest, fragrant with the musty smell of damp humus underfoot.

The clear quartz forms almost a window down to the wood beneath and would be a lovely focus for a meditation.

Both the clear quartz tip, and the soft, mossy green crystal at the base have been surrounded by further tiny oak leaves and acorns. It’s fair to say that the photos really don’t do justice to the beauty, strength and energy of this piece. As good as they are, the real thing is so much better!

All wands come complete with with a velvet drawstring wand bag to protect and store your precious creation when it is not in use.

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